Are you finding that multi-engine time is getting painfully expensive and hard to build? Want to save up to 70% and build tons of time in just a few short days? Here is your solution!

And Have Fun Doing it Too!

Dear Fellow Pilot,

Thanks for stopping by.  I know why you're here.  I've been there.
I remember when I wanted to build twin time.


It gets awfully boring after you're competent doing engine outs!

I can relate to the challenge of getting fast multi engine flight training time, more importantly trying to build cheap twin time.

I use to read all the magazines like AOPA, Pilot, and Flying Magazine...

Just dreaming about flying a twin.

I also wanted real multi engine time building.  Not flying in a pattern around and around again and again.  Its boring and doesn't teach you much.

I wanted to get in to real weather.. see snow, understand icing better, and fly into O'Hare, Hartsfield, LAX, and Teterboro. 

Now that's real flying!

I have figured out a secret to help you save up to 70% off of what you'd normally spend to build multi engine time and have a lot more FUN doing it!

Presently, I have acquired over 5,300 hours, CFI, MEII, ATP Learjet, CFI helicopter and more.  I get your addiction to flying and your passion to live your dreams.

As my friend John King says, "The jet is the last thing to go if things got bad!"  I think he may have even meant after Martha. Just kidding! But can't you relate to that addiction?

I'd love you to allow me to tell you more.  Just share some simple info with me by filling out your name and emaill address in the form to the right.

Here is what you are going to get!

  • You'll watch five really cool flying videos.
  • I'll give you all the details about a secret method to saving up to 70% off of what you are currently paying for multi engine time.
  • How to have fun while you build your time!

You're going to love it!


Save Up to 70% Off
Flight Training Hours

Plus Bonus Video My Interview
with John and Martha King


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Dave and Gary stopping in Childers, TX for fuel on the way to Monterey, CA

"Awesome trip to Monterey, California from Lakeland, Florida and back. We saw over 500 dolphins, thousands of sea lions and a whale, not to mention ice, snow and rain. The seminar was incredible! In four days I received 32 hours of Multi. - PRICELESS!!"

- Dave B

Paul and Gary before departure to Lakeland, FL from St.George, UT

"Flying to Gary's seminar in Utah was an outstanding experience. It improved my flying skills. Overcoming hurdles in sales is kind of like deciding to land using an ILS approach or calling a MISSED. The seminar reinforced my desire to be successful and to re-examine "The Why" of my desire to both fly and of my career in sales."

- Paul H

Home from a trip to Atlanta, GA

"Getting to fly and spend time with Gary was an edifying experience on many levels. It not only improved my flying but I also grew from the inspiration shared. I came away with a new outlook on some former problems."

- Cody P